Hello my name is Carter. I’m looking to meet someone with common interests who I can have a natural, free flowing conversation with.

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Age: 30
Height: 6’2″
Location: Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Job: Account Executive

5 Words that best describe you:

Easygoing, Active, Passionate, Open-Minded, Flexible

What are you passionate about?

Sports and Real Estate

What is something you could teach your partner?


How would your best friends describe you?

Work Hard, Play Hard

Ideal first date

Something Active that we could both enjoy doing

Favorite local hidden gem/favorite place

Know some really great local Mexican food spots. Don’t want to give them away :).

What keeps you up at night?

Too much thinking

Book you think everyone should read

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas

Show or movie you won’t shut up about

James Bond or Star Wars

Describe your perfect Saturday

Workout or Golf in AM. Beach or Pool in the afternoon. Dinner then watch a Movie or binge watch shows in the PM.

Top 3 dream travel destinations

Scotland, Australia, Greece

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