I have an amazing sense of humor and sharp wit that can make anyone laugh!

Looking for someone who appreciates sci-fi, live music, vacations, frequent outings to the dog beach/parks, and my sassy personality.

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I’m independent, gainfully employed, emotionally intelligent, good communicator and looking for the same.

Age: 30
Sign: Cancer
Height: 5’2″
Location: San Diego, CA 92115
Job: Social Media Manager

5 Words that best describe you:

Hysterical, ambitious, loyal, authentic, independent

What are you passionate about?

Social media/my career, my dog Moose, friends and family

How would your best friends describe you?

Funny, personable, confident, friendly, upbeat

What characteristics are most important when choosing a partner?

Has a career, emotionally intelligent, ambitious and independent.

What is your love language?

Acts of Service and Gifts

The way to win you over is…

Being thoughtful, putting those words into action

Ideal first date:

Dinner at a cute restaurant so we can chat and get to know each other

Unpopular opinion that you’re sticking to…

Pineapple is perfectly acceptable to put on pizza

Favorite local hidden gem/favorite place

Fiesta Island, I love to take my dog

What keeps you up at night?

Can’t turn my brain off! I always have a million things on my mind and have my best ideas when I am trying to sleep

Book you think everyone should read

I recently read Stone Butch Blues and it taught me a lot about the experience of the LGBTQIA community. I think understanding that perspective could be helpful for a lot of people.

Describe your perfect Saturday

Sleep in late, go to brunch and then take my dog to the park or beach. Maybe go out somewhere for the evening and then lounge on the couch watching tv.

If you won a million dollars today, what would you spend it on?

I’d take a first class trip to the UK for a couple weeks. I’d share some with family/charities and the rest would go into savings or investments. Maybe hire a financial advisor?

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