Hey I’m Mads✨ I’m known for being the loud, hype woman extrovert of the friend group!
Always wanting to try new things! Hoping you’re a guy who likes do both : travel, adventure, laughing all along the way / stay in for fun game nights and movie marathons? all while marking some crazy fun memories together ??

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Age: 26
Sign: Leo
Height: 5’8”
Location: Escondido, California, 92029
Job: Catering Sales Specialist

Tell us 5 words to describe you

Empathetic, Loud, Optimistic, Loyal, Kind

What are you passionate about?

I love being in the water!
I love volunteering with children and am a huge advocate for Make-A-Wish!
Huge family girl! My whole family is very close and we are always getting together for parties! I always want everyone around me to have a good time so I really love learning about what other people like and doing things they are passionate about!
I am a big Disney fan! (Going to the parks, movies, and anything Disney owns…Marvel, Pixar etc. I used to work there so it will always have a special place in my heart?)
Baseball games, breweries and drive in movies!

What is something you could teach your partner?

I would love to teach my partner how to win during game night ??

How would your best friends describe you?

I legit asked one on my best friends and she said this “ A ball of energy with an infectious smile who is always open to meeting new people and having new experiences ! Always just wants everyone around her to have a great time no matter the activity! Sometimes overthinks but that’s just because she’s anxious and always wants to be prepared for every scenario- which she definitely is! She loves hard—never half asses!, and needs reassurance to feel safe. Selfless, Self aware , and super caring— honestly one of the sweetest souls you’ll ever meet!”

What characteristics are most important when choosing a partner?

Genuine heart, kindness, driven, loyalty, humor

The way to win you over is…

Listening, being open to trying new things with me and taking me to Disneyland.

Ideal first date:

Anything with an activity! I’ve always wanted to go in a hot air balloon!

Unpopular opinion that you’re sticking to…

I hate ketchup!

When were you the most proud of yourself?

I was most proud of myself when I graduated college!

Show or movie you won’t shut up about

The Office, FRIENDS, Spider-Man No Way Home, Survivor

Describe your perfect Saturday

Sleeping in until 9! Going to a cute coffee shop for brunch, hanging with friends or family, going to a fun brewery for dinner and then coming home and having a movie marathon!

Top 3 dream travel destinations

Greece, Australia, Rome

If you won a million dollars today, what would you spend it on?

First some would go to my parents (for them to travel or do whatever they want),then I would use some of it to put a down payment on a house, some would be donated to St. Jude and to the Childrens Heart Foundation. I would also use some of it to go on a trip around the world for 3 weeks.

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