Hi, my name is Beatrice. I’m here to find someone that I can create a happy, healthy and successful future with. Someone that can make me want to be a better person, for myself as well as for the relationship.

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Age: 46
Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5’7”
Location: San Diego, CA
Job: Commercial Real Estate Lender

Tell us 5 words to describe you

Loyal, driven, resourceful, goofy, sarcastic

What are you passionate about?

Being a good parent

How would your best friends describe you?

Ride or die

What characteristics are most important when choosing a partner?

Someone that I can depend on, someone that can provide stability and a good foundation, a good work ethic and someone that is loyal and has a good sense of humor

The way to win you over is…

Be consistent

Ideal first date:

Picnic in the park or on the beach Bike ride in balboa park Comedy show Sunset walk in the beach

When were you the most proud of yourself?

When I was a vendor at a food & wine event last May. Over two days I made over 500 servings of blondies, cookies, and cupcakes all by myself. It was exhausting but also super rewarding.

Favorite local hidden gem/favorite place

A Little quaint park on the bay side of Coronado overlooking the SD skyline

When were you the most proud of yourself?

When recently I was able to raise funds for my sons football league

What keeps you up at night?

That my son is happy and has all he needs How to make more money/ how to maximize my funds to increase my investment and income

Show or movie you won’t shut up about

Schitts Creek

Describe your perfect Saturday

Wake up and take a few minutes to myself to reflect on my day and what is like to accomplish. Work out or try and do something active to get my body moving. Then spend the afternoon with my son, either at the beach, or doing something to bond. Make a healthy dinner or grill with friends and family to end the day.

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