The Apps Suck

The superficial swiping model makes us choose who we’re interested in based on a photo, who knows how recent or real. The profiles are not setting us up for success with a cheesy one liner or, better yet…blank, because ya know…they think putting actual effort in is for the birds.

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People expect too much too soon.

We’re so trained to think there’s someone else out there better, so why even try getting to really know someone…? The conversations are redundant, boring, and draining. IF you even get to the date it’s awkward, full of pressure and expectations too woo and fall in love with each other. Which ultimately is an extremely tall order and we’re left frustrated and let down… then rinse and repeat. 

The truth is most men don’t know how to communicate to a woman they’re interested in. So then when the girl gets frustrated with the conversations, or lack their of, they get extremely hurt, defensive and MEAN. 


A friends first mentality. A community for single professionals who are looking for their best friend and partner. Online profiles that give you the opportunity to show off who you really are, before you meet. Curated events that aren’t awkward, stuffy, or put so much focus on finding your match. It’s so much pressure, like the speed dating model, it dehumanizes us and makes us feel insecure and guarded. 

Friend zone isn’t the worst thing. Getting to know someone on a deeper level takes time. Chemistry and attraction is great, but having a real successful future with someone you want to let your hair down and be there for each other through good and bad. 

I want everyone to feel safe and welcome. A kind group of people all in the same position. Dating is HARD. Making friends is HARD. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could all just, hang out and let the real connections come together authentically?!

Would love your thoughts!

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