master online dating

Start your relationship on a solid foundation.
Stop the cycle of ghosting and game playing.
Be irresistible & charming and attract anyone.

A handbook in the art of flirting. 


don’t burn bridges. 

Read the room. 

be kind.

save the conversation until you have a meaningful opener. your "hey" isn't doing it for anybody.

Don’t talk sex too soon.

Avoid making it too fast without having a foundation if you're looking for something meaningful.

Start off with something witty.

Keep it short and sweet in the beginning to get the banter going.


“Hey, running into a meeting, I’ll catch up with you soon” does wonders to keep it flowing. 

Pay attention to tone over text.

communication is key

Treat the conversation as catching up with a friend at first.

do not chase.

Confidence not cockiness.
Know your worth! ...why settle?! 

be interested & interesting.


let it happen.

Make an effort to set up a date when you feel like you’re ready.

Move it to FaceTime or call to see if there’s a connection and vibe. You can tell a lot about someone before you commit to scheduling a date. 

The past is not always predestined for the future. Even if you have a negative outlook on past experience.
Learn. Laugh. Love. 

if it's not a hell yes,
it's an F NO.

now you're ready for the real test...   don't fail me.

put what you've learned in action

Go boldly and confidently into the community dating pool of successful catches to find your match!